The best practice to be proactive and stay true to yourself.

Taken on my Nikon 3300 in Ladbroke Grove, UK

Stuck in a meeting room, surrounded by a room full of males. Feeling unworthy and out of place.

A voice in my head saying “ you are a minority..”

Working in tech as a woman of colour has never…

Personas are about building your user from the ground up based upon gathered insights. Creating a strong persona can help you shape your product and achieve design solutions. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive deep into personas! →

Photo by Alexander Ramsey on Unsplash

Predict what will happen 🧐

There are a couple of ways when creating personas. We…

2020 has been one tough year. Through all of the negativity, there lies a sprout of positivity through finding yourself.

There is no “right time”, there is just time and what you choose what you do with it.

When lockdown first began, the first few months were difficult. I was…


An avid traveler who wants to spread goodness, inspire and motivate others by word and mindfulness.

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