It’s Your Story

2 min readNov 14, 2020


2020 has been one tough year. Through all of the negativity, there lies a sprout of positivity through finding yourself.

There is no “right time”, there is just time and what you choose what you do with it.

When lockdown first began, the first few months were difficult. I was far from family, friends, and home. My openness was caving in and my time used by spending it with others was dissipating.
It caused a snowball effect when the lockdown happened in the UK. First with the gym's closing, then ‘once per day’ outing, and you guessed it,
Covid belly was in the making!

The daily routines we had by traveling to and from work were no longer available, Friday night drinks were becoming a distant memory…

Before I knew it, I was no longer alone, I was becoming lonely.

One day something triggered, I had to change my ways. A friend recommended that I try meditation. I slowly took this into my morning routine. First, some yoga followed by 15 minutes of meditation.

Initially, it was difficult to concentrate, I thought “what the hell am I doing by sitting here?”
Eventually, this became apart of me. Accessing a deeper part of myself and unveiling what causes me to feel certain emotions.

Reflection from within made me learn more about myself; the itching anxieties and stress were apart of me. I learned to face these feelings as part of myself hide or run away from them.

Exercise also motivated me to break my binge eating habits. Slowly and surely the time I had to myself were the times I really cherished.
Alone in my thoughts were important to me and I have Covid to thank.

During the prolonged lockdown, I could see who I was and aligned it with who I want to become. I was embracing negative emotions, using them as tools rather than something I had to fix. Understanding ways of how I could turn them into something positive.

Among the Covid negativity, there is a vast amount of positivity that lies in the world and within ourselves.
It takes patience to recognise, embrace and accept your anxieties, insecurities, worries. Whereas in the long run, you’ll thank yourself and feel nothing but wholesome.




An avid traveler who wants to spread goodness, inspire and motivate others by word and mindfulness.