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Predict what will happen 🧐

There are a couple of ways when creating personas. We start off with defining the users and the needs. We can do this through user research — where data is gathered to eliminate assumptions. Some tactics of gathering research can be by conducting user interviews, observing and surveys. This will set the foundations for the goal we’re trying to achieve.

Let’s empathise 💕

Empathy is a crucial element to creating personas. Gather insights on cultural backgrounds, frustations, goals, lifesyle, desires and behaviours keep in the context with your underlying problem.
Including extra details such as interests, makes personas come to life and enables everyone to visualise the user.

The above persona was produced by

In their shoes 👟

The fun part! This is where groups/roles come into play. Naming and describing the persons motivations, attitudes, frustrations and goals.

Say when? 📲

Personas come into play quite early on in the discovery stages of laying the foundations of your user experience journey. Improving your project is essential, so is iterating on your personas throughout the project lifecycle.



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