Remember, growing might feel like breaking at first.

1. Return To The Bigger Picture

It’s easy to lose focus when you’re thoroughly working on the details. Down the track we tend to lose focus on the big picture, we then let that fire-fueling-feeling fizzle out and we lose our passion to continue, we say we’ll come back to it later.

2. Strive To Become Better Than Yesterday

Learn something every day. The world is a big place providing endless information on just about anything! It doesn’t matter how little so long as you have learned something new each day. Take a certain amount of time to read, write, paint, or dance!

3. Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

We are on our own paths. There is no need to compare yourself with others, it’s tempting and we all do it but it brings us no peace within ourselves. It causes envy, jealousy, and resentment. Instead, look up to them as inspiration. Ask yourself “what is it that got them to their goals that can help me achieve mine?”

4. Growth Is Uncomfortable

Growing is uncomfortable but who wants to stay in comfort forever anyway?
Being uncomfortable is being fearful of the unknown. Fear is the driver to cease our progress to our goals.



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An avid traveler who wants to spread goodness, inspire and motivate others by word and mindfulness.